Cooey empowering
Cancer Clinics

Cancer patients due to their compromised immunity are at increased risk of infections. Cooey’s Remote Patient Care platform empowers a network of cancer clinics enabling patients to stay engaged with their care providers in between visits to the hospital. Continuity of care provides unmatched level of relative comfort for patients. This becomes especially important in the age of Covid-19 where avoidable visits to the hospital poses unnecessary risk for cancer patients.

Cooey empowering Home
Health Agencies

Home health agencies provide health care at home administered by a variety of skilled health care professionals. With the ongoing Covid pandemic there is always concern about how to continue to provide care while also reducing risk for people at home. Cooey empowers health care professionals to make judgements on how they can provide care either virtually or in person thus leading to the best possible health and cost outcomes. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to reduce hospital readmissions and improve health outcomes. We are doing our part to building a true value-based health care system!

Cooey empowering Primary Care Physicians

Using our modular platform approach, Primary Physicians are able to manage the chronic conditions of their patients while the patients are outside the clinical settings. Using one or more of these modules- Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CPM) and/or Care Plan Oversight (CPO), Clinicians are empowered to customize their care plan at the individual patient level.  With our unique platform and patent-based technologies, we have been able to significantly improve patient compliance rates, enabled early clinical interventions while improving health outcomes and reducing the number of hospital visits.


The impact of our solutions extends to several projects where we touch more and more lives every day.