Bringing Equity to Healthcare

Remote Healthcare Solutions

Cooey Health accelerates whole-person healthcare through digital platforms that integrate physical
and behavioral health solutions. Our mission is to bring equity to healthcare through remote
digital solutions that are easy to use and accessible to all.

The first bilingual (English & Spanish) remote patient care solutions provider!

A Platform Built for Value-Based Care

Our proprietary Six-Level Adaptive Monitoring System provides personalized and full
continuum of care, even at home, with the purpose of extending and improving quality of life.
With more than five years of research and deployment experience of health monitoring systems
for non-acute care, we have built product and IP portfolios in 14+ wellness and clinical areas.


Identify the remote patient care needs of the health care provider and their patient pool.


Configure Cooey Platform to include specific modules.


Deliver a workflow that fulfills the healthcare provider’s unique needs.


Monitor data for every user and for the patient population with built-in analytics.


Feedback on value-based metrics to further fine-tune features and workflows.


Cooey empowering Behavioral Health Specialists

With one in every five American adults living with a behavioral health disorder and the trend only getting worse with increased isolation and anxiety with the advent of Covid-19, there is widespread need for effective behavioral health services. Additionally, many people with behavioral health disorders have co-occurring physical conditions that further complicate care. The prevalence of behavioral health issues and their interactions with and impact on physical health have created an increased demand on health systems across the continuum of care.


Cooey Health’s digital platform provides seamless integration of physical and behavioral care by providing ongoing biometric data to the attending healthcare providers and proactively monitoring patient behavioral health with tools such as PHQ-9, GAD-7 and INTERHEART risk score. This helps control costs while providing greater continuity of care for patients on an outpatient basis.

Cooey empowering Home Health Agencies

Home health agencies provide health care at home administered by a variety of skilled health care professionals. With the ongoing Covid pandemic there is always concern about how to continue to provide care while also reducing risk for people at home. Cooey empowers health care professionals to make judgements on how they can provide care either virtually or in person thus leading to the best possible health and cost outcomes. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to reduce hospital readmissions and improve health outcomes. We are doing our part to building a true value-based system.

Cooey empowering Primary Care Physicians

Using our modular platform approach, Primary Physicians are able to manage the chronic conditions of their patients while the patients are outside the clinical settings. Using one or more of these modules- Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CPM) and/or Care Plan Oversight (CPO), Clinicians are empowered to customize their care plan at the individual patient level. With our unique platform and patent-based technologies, we have been able to significantly improve patient compliance rates, enabled early clinical interventions while improving health outcomes and reducing the number of hospital visits.


The impact of our solutions extends to several projects where we touch more and more lives every day.

Our Results

  • 40% improvement in medical adherence

    Poor adherence is associated with high health care costs, lower quality of life, and poor health outcomes.

  • 11 -> 7.9 Reduction in HbA1c

    Improving HbA1c by 1 point (or 11 mmol/mol) for people with Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes cuts the risk of microvascular complications by 25%.

  • 21% reduction in hospital readmissions

    Regular post-discharge check-ins helps catch complications early, minimizing patients visit to the hospital.

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